Sunday, November 8, 2009

Looking For Bargains

Hello everyone, it's a beautiful sunny sunday morning, and ebay is looking a little better this weeks with 5 bids so far, I'm hoping for at least ten, so in a few hours I will find out, it's really a nice fishing day today or going out for a walk, I have alot of new things to put on ebay today which is always good, I have to hand it to my father sometimes he does know his antiques, once in a while he gets absolute crap but most of the stuff he gets is decent, he just want to a church sale at OLPH, I hate going to the places, the people are pushy they want everything for a quarter when you have $5.00 marked down on it, I sware to you have of the bargain hunters are really nuts if I do go with my father to one of these sales which is rare I usually look for the cheap cd's and some of them are really good and you can get the cd for a buck why not, I have close to 1,600 cd's now if not more, my collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger but I love it, I still have the first cd's I ever bought, well I have to go take my pictures now so I can put my item's on ebay, hopefully the ebay week turns out ok, I sure can use the money, with christmas coming and all gotta by those gifts.

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