Sunday, November 8, 2009

Looking For Bargains

Hello everyone, it's a beautiful sunny sunday morning, and ebay is looking a little better this weeks with 5 bids so far, I'm hoping for at least ten, so in a few hours I will find out, it's really a nice fishing day today or going out for a walk, I have alot of new things to put on ebay today which is always good, I have to hand it to my father sometimes he does know his antiques, once in a while he gets absolute crap but most of the stuff he gets is decent, he just want to a church sale at OLPH, I hate going to the places, the people are pushy they want everything for a quarter when you have $5.00 marked down on it, I sware to you have of the bargain hunters are really nuts if I do go with my father to one of these sales which is rare I usually look for the cheap cd's and some of them are really good and you can get the cd for a buck why not, I have close to 1,600 cd's now if not more, my collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger but I love it, I still have the first cd's I ever bought, well I have to go take my pictures now so I can put my item's on ebay, hopefully the ebay week turns out ok, I sure can use the money, with christmas coming and all gotta by those gifts.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hello everyone it's saturday morning and it's Halloween, and the kid who lives upstairs from me chris is outside dressed up as the grim reaper he's in a long black coat and a skeleton mask pretty cool outfit if you ask me and the kids are coming in droves ringing the bells I got tons of candy and all of the good stuff butterfingers, reeses peanut butter cups, baby ruth, milky ways, kit kats, three musketeers, nestle crunch and snicker bars, I hate giving out lollipos that so cheap lol, some people think it's the holiday of the devil it may be but I think it's a bunch of nonsense, let the kids go out and have fun and get some candy for god sakes, when I was younger I used to watch all my friends throw eggs at trains and buses I never did I knew better, I rememeber one time my friend Kevin actually made a homemade sling shot so he can sling eggs at buses that pass by and one halloween he slung and egg it went through a bus window and luckily the window was open and it hit a cop that happened to be on the bus yeah, the cop stops the bus and runs after him it was actually funny in a way the cop never got him Kevin was 12 years old and way to quick that kid got away with murder sometimes lol, well thanks for listening and reading.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One More Day

Hello everyone, it's thursday afternoon and it's a beautiful day in the 70's, of course the weather won't stay like this, it's supossed to rain tonight and into saturday morning such fun, I love hearing the rain hit my windows but I don't like going out in it lol oh well, today I'm just going to sit back relax watch a few dvd's and eat some chinese food I have to have take out at least once a week, my leg is still bothering me today not as much as yesterday but the pain is lingering around it's more of an annoyance than anything, I wish I didn't feel any pain whatsoever but what are you going to do, ebay this week is not looking good at all no bids and it's already friday hmmmmmmmmm I don't know I did hear recently that ebay traffic as far as people going on the site is at a 5 year low not only that with the ecomomy being awful on top if it, it's like a double whammy people just don't have the money and they if they have it they don't want to spend it you can't blame them but I will just roll with the punches and wait it out and hopefully things with sales will pick up soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nightmares Galore

Hello everyone it's tuesday afternoon and it's a nice cool day outside, last night wasn't a goodnight for me, I kept on having bad dreams all night, I was being chased by a man in a dakr suit but I didn't know who it was and I didn't know where I was, then I had a dream I was drowning in water and choking to death not to pleasant, it was just one nightmare after another so terrible, and I just kept on tossing anf turning all night it was just terrible, I used to have nice pleasant dreams when I was younger like walking through fields of flowers and flying in the sky and I wouldn't be scared I would actually be enjoying myself.

I don't know what happened to me over the last few years, I think I changed alot as a person in a good way, I'm much stronger than I used to be mentally and emotionally, and I have much more confidence but there is always room for improvement but I will always be myself and that I will never change for anyone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bargains Everywhere

Hello everyone, it's monday morning and ebay sales where just terrible this week only 5 but 5 is better than one like I always say but hey there's nothing I can do about it, you can't force people to buy your item's, I think the whole trick to selling is you have to have a decent item and you have to know what the people want, I know it sounds crazy but that's basically how selling goes, and most people want a bargain something for nothing pretty much, you can't blame then because I'm the same way, the best bargain I ever got was a 18Kt gold ring with gemstones and It was only 5 bucks at the Salvation Army and apparantly they didn't check the ring good enough because not only was it 18Kt gold but it was signed by Rodney Rayner now when I looked up his name online, he is known as the Rolls Royce of jewelers from England and his jewelry is worth thousands of dollars if not more so yeah I come to find out that the ring is worth over $5000 dollars, and I sold it and me and my dad had a nice party with the money that was last november it sure was a great time, we had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas last year too food and present galore, and it will be great this year too.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chinese Democracy

Hello everyone, it's wednesday afternoon I just got home from work, it's really windy and cool out today, but I refuse to wear a jacket it has to be freezing for me to wear a jacket, I work in hot ovens don't forget, I'm sitting here listening to one of my favorite all time bands Guns "N" Roses, and I thought there last cd Chinese Democracy was brilliant, very different sounding from any other music they have ever done, to me it sounds like Nine Inch Nails meets Elton John, it's got heavy music, it has piano ballads, reggae just about anything you can think of, there is a song on there called better and it has one of my favorite all time quotes on it and here is it.

So bittersweet this tragedy won't ask for absolution this melody inside of me still searches for solution a twist of faith a change of heart cures my infatuation a broken heart provides the spark for my determination. Guns "N" Roses Better.

I just love that quote is says alot to me well thanks for reading and listening.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Chucklehead Can

Hello everyone, it's monday morning and I had a great ebay week this week finally I sold 13 item's that almost half of the 30 item's I list each week so I am happy about that, while I'm blogging I'm sitting here wrapping the packages that have to be sent, I feel really good today my leg pain is 90% gone just a slight ache here and there I can actually walk up the stairs without going up one step at a time lol trust me it wasn't cute, have you ever had one of those days where you feel like there are 500 things coming at you all at once and you feel like it's never gong to end this is one of those days, but it's ok I guess I'm used to that, If I'm not working, I'm cooking and cleaning, or I'm helping my father with something, but I just need to relax and take one thing at a time, and he is the chucklehead man lol, I sure hope sales pick up on bonanzle it's just been God awful the last month or so, I'm used to selling at least 10 a week on there, I don't even think I even sold 10 this month, but hey I will never give up on it, I've sold over 300 item's on there so I am at least very happy about that, things will pick up soon I'm confident that they will.