Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hello everyone it's saturday morning and it's Halloween, and the kid who lives upstairs from me chris is outside dressed up as the grim reaper he's in a long black coat and a skeleton mask pretty cool outfit if you ask me and the kids are coming in droves ringing the bells I got tons of candy and all of the good stuff butterfingers, reeses peanut butter cups, baby ruth, milky ways, kit kats, three musketeers, nestle crunch and snicker bars, I hate giving out lollipos that so cheap lol, some people think it's the holiday of the devil it may be but I think it's a bunch of nonsense, let the kids go out and have fun and get some candy for god sakes, when I was younger I used to watch all my friends throw eggs at trains and buses I never did I knew better, I rememeber one time my friend Kevin actually made a homemade sling shot so he can sling eggs at buses that pass by and one halloween he slung and egg it went through a bus window and luckily the window was open and it hit a cop that happened to be on the bus yeah, the cop stops the bus and runs after him it was actually funny in a way the cop never got him Kevin was 12 years old and way to quick that kid got away with murder sometimes lol, well thanks for listening and reading.

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