Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Much Better

Hello everyone it's wednesday afternoon and I can feel the heat, it's gonna be 90 today, I'm off today I need to rest my leg it's at 90% now, it's much better than it's been, this leg took a really long time to heal, it was painfull, frustrating and really annoying, it was really interesting to see me walking up the stairs one leg at a time lol because I couldn't really press down on the leg, it took me 100 hours to walk up 2 flights of stairs in the train station and I purposely waited for all the people to go up the stairs so I don't get embarrassed and I could take my time, believe me it wasn't cute looking at all lol, but I worked with it and delt with it everyday, I exercised it moved it constantly so it didn't get stiff that's what I was worried about more than anything was it getting stiff, every morning and every night I exercised it so I could get the blood flowing in that area, and I'm glad it never got numb or anything the spot is still a little tender so I do massage it all the time, I know it seems like alot but the pain was really intense sometimes and it was no joke, sometimes I wanted painkillers but I refused to take them, not a huge believer in drugs they only mask things and never totally get's rid of the pain, but within a week or so I'm predicting the pain will be totally gone.

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