Friday, August 28, 2009

My 33rd Birthday

Hello everyone, it's a rainy, sticky day today, well it's my 33rd birthday today, I was never really big on my birthday's to me it's just another day like any other, sometimes people make a big deal out of it and have these big parties and for what nothing really, my best friend is throwing me a party tomorrow just something small a barbque and a cake with him and his wife, I'm sure it will be nice at least I will get away from my father for the day, so far alot of people have wished me a happy birthday especially from Bonanzle, I got emails and text and in my booth people wished me a happy birthday too, I would say at least 50 people if not more, it's nice to know that you are appreciated once in a while, I'm sure it will be the opposite if I ever have kids one day I'm sure I will make a huge deal out of there birthday's and presents galore, I guess as you get older you don't really think about your birthday anymore, your another day older honestly that's all lol. but it's ok I actually like getting older some people like staying young looking what's the point your still your age whether your 30 or 60 that number never changes and people go nuts with facelifts and tummy tucks and for nothing, your going to die when it's your time to die I mean let's be honest here.

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  1. Wishing you a happy belated 33rd birthday, sounds like you had a nice BBQ, cherish those friends :)