Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bathroom Chaos

Hello everyone, it's a cool thursday morning and I love this type of weather, last night I slept well, I slept from 11-4 5 straight hours and I didn't wake up once that's a good thing, usually I'm constantly waking up, but as I woke up this morning I heard water dripping in the house I was like what the hell is that coming from so I walked around and I hit the bathroom I was like oh no the whole bathroom was flooded and of course that was my brilliant father who over flowed the toilet bowl yet again, I mean seriously how does one over flow a toilet bowl, how much toilet paper does one person need come on now, he has been doing this for years oh no this is nothing new he does this once maybe twice a year, and who do you think has to clean the lovely mess that's right ladies and gentleman slave joe has to go in there and clean it up and it smells like hell and you have to put down like 10 towels then mop the damn floor, and the towels weigh like 10 pounds each then you have to wash them because if you don't they get that oh so wonderfull mold smell, and when I ask my father who over flowed the toilet bowl he will totally deny it and say it wasn't me, well then who else did it the ghost of christmas past it sure as hell wasn't me he's such a chucklehead.

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  1. I had a landlord that used to do that to me when he would come to the apartment building for his 2X month building inspection. I dont know why he always picked my toilet, but there was always a toilet gremlin waiting for me as well as an hours worth of mopping when he would leave. Totaly gross!