Friday, September 11, 2009

Tornado In New York

Hello everyone, it's friday afternoon and it's a really cool windy day today, there was an actual tornado watch this morning, and for new york that is more rare then rare, we actually had a really short one a few years ago and it actually destoyed a few roofs on the buildings around the corner from me, I'll never forget it my dad one day said wow it's really windy and dark outside, and he said this has to be a tornado I was like yeah ok new york never has tornadoes it's not like we are living in Kansas or something lol, and sure enough it came and went it lasted maybe 30 seconds but there was one, and of course mr big shot was gloating all day because he was right, zippity freakin do-da lol you were right about something, our weather is vert typical here, summer it's hot winter it's freezing, spring and fall is either hot and cool, we don't get tornadoes, or hurricanes, hurricanes we have had a few times, I would never want to live down south or anything like that, it's always hot no winters sorry can't deal with that, sometimes our winters can be warm and the climate is changing because we hardly get snow anymore if we do we get like one maybe two big snow storms every winter and sometimes it can be 50 degress here in the winter.

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