Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chinese Democracy

Hello everyone, it's wednesday afternoon I just got home from work, it's really windy and cool out today, but I refuse to wear a jacket it has to be freezing for me to wear a jacket, I work in hot ovens don't forget, I'm sitting here listening to one of my favorite all time bands Guns "N" Roses, and I thought there last cd Chinese Democracy was brilliant, very different sounding from any other music they have ever done, to me it sounds like Nine Inch Nails meets Elton John, it's got heavy music, it has piano ballads, reggae just about anything you can think of, there is a song on there called better and it has one of my favorite all time quotes on it and here is it.

So bittersweet this tragedy won't ask for absolution this melody inside of me still searches for solution a twist of faith a change of heart cures my infatuation a broken heart provides the spark for my determination. Guns "N" Roses Better.

I just love that quote is says alot to me well thanks for reading and listening.

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