Monday, September 28, 2009

The Chucklehead Can

Hello everyone, it's monday morning and I had a great ebay week this week finally I sold 13 item's that almost half of the 30 item's I list each week so I am happy about that, while I'm blogging I'm sitting here wrapping the packages that have to be sent, I feel really good today my leg pain is 90% gone just a slight ache here and there I can actually walk up the stairs without going up one step at a time lol trust me it wasn't cute, have you ever had one of those days where you feel like there are 500 things coming at you all at once and you feel like it's never gong to end this is one of those days, but it's ok I guess I'm used to that, If I'm not working, I'm cooking and cleaning, or I'm helping my father with something, but I just need to relax and take one thing at a time, and he is the chucklehead man lol, I sure hope sales pick up on bonanzle it's just been God awful the last month or so, I'm used to selling at least 10 a week on there, I don't even think I even sold 10 this month, but hey I will never give up on it, I've sold over 300 item's on there so I am at least very happy about that, things will pick up soon I'm confident that they will.

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