Monday, September 21, 2009

Megadeth Endgame

Hello everyone, it's monday morning and it looks like it's a beautiful day outside looks like a great day for a walk but before I do that I must go to the post office and send my packages and pay my lousy bills, I'm sitting here listening to the new Megadeth cd Endgame, it's pretty amazing one of the best albums they have ever done, it's angry, pissed off and I love it, it's a mixture of rust in peace and countdown to extinction, and the production value of the cd is amazing the drums and guitar sound fantastic and you can actually hear the bass guitar and you usually never do and dave also sounds great his voice hasn't really changed to much over the years some singers voices do some get worse some get better, his to me has gotten better. on Endgame there are solo's and hard hitting drums all over the place, it's metal and thrash at it's finest, people say rust in peace or peace sells are there best cd's and they probably are but this cd can also be argued over too, it's really that good, if your a metal fan or a music fan I highly recommend this cd it's 5 starts all the way, please get it and support metal and Megadeth this cd one day will be a classic and it's right up there with rust in peace and peace sells thanks for listening.

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