Monday, September 14, 2009

The Holiday's Are Coming

Hello everyone it's monday morning at 615 AM, I'm getting ready to take a shower and wrap packages to bring to the post office, ebay was good to me this week we landed up selling ten items, it's been getting progessively better each week as the summer comes to a close, the weather sure is changing it's only 65 degrees right now it seems like it's fall already, actually the summer wasn't to bad we has to weeks in july where is was 90 degress plus and that was really it, the rest of the summer was 70's and 80's, soon halloween and thanksgiving will be coming and it usually comes really fast then oh yes christmas and new years I'm pretty sure I'll be in long island for christmas and new years it should be great, I really enjoy going there during the holiday's it's really a good time, every new years I watch the honeymooners it's such a great classic show it's right up there with I Love Lucy they just don't make comedy's like that anymore, there ones today are really silly and I just can't get into them at all, and talk shows are really annoying not to particular on any of them really it has to be either and actor or musician I like that's on for me to watch them, well if to the post office I go packages have to be sent and bills have to be paid.

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