Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laundromat Laughs

Hello everyone, it's sunday morning around 7.00AM, I'm liking ebay this week so far we have 6 bids and I'm hoping for at least 10, yesterday my sister and niece madison came my niece is hysterical, yesterday we were at the laundromat where my mother works and as usual she was running around being friendly to everyone, but there was one time during the day when she tried to open the washing machine all of the sudden you hear oh man come on lol, everyone started cracking up it was just to funny, then a little later on she decides to run down to the dryers open the door and pulls out somebody else's clothes and after she does it she screams GRANDMA lmao, I guess she thought she was helping, and then the best part of the day she is behind the counter with my mother and for some reason my niece loves to throw cups or soap powder on the floor so she does it and my mother says what the hell and my niece repeats it and says oh what the hell lol, she's really good at repeating people she's just to funny everyone that comes in adores her she is really cute curly hair brown eyes a skinny little thing and she eats like a pig lol she burns it off though she's always running around, but it really was a great relaxing day.

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