Friday, September 18, 2009

Searching For Passion

Hello everyone, it's friday morning at 3.30 AM, there is a nice cool breeze coming through my window it feels so good, I feel burnt out actually, I'm so tired of everything that's going on, I'm still having a rough time finding a new job, the ecomomy just totally sucks, I'm always looking for some sort of work online, no one goes out and does it anymore why bother, it's costs money and it's annoying and hard, I really don't have that pastry chef passion anymore like I once had it can be pretty dull making the same things all of the time, can you blame me, sometimes I'm at the bakery and I just want to shoot myself I mean don't get me wrong it's a good skill to have but it can be boring sometimes the only thing that's entertaining there is the radio lol and it does get you through the day, and the guys are really funny cracking jokes and things like that, were always talking about our lives to each other and what goes on in them, it's sort of like a bar but in a bakery lol, but the search for a new job that I would be passionate about continues and it would be nice if the economy pics up soon I'm sure that will help with my never ending job search, I am happy I did learn to bake I must admit it, I do have a really huge sweet tooth.

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