Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Hello everyone, it's monday morning and it's Labor Day, it's nice and cool in here I have the windows open no AC for a change lol, well this is the day my uncle ronnie passed away, I still miss him very much and think of him alot, I remember that week really well I went to the hamptons for the week with my best friend and we just hung out and do what we always do eat lol and we went on a fishing boat which was really fun and I knew my uncle was sick with a flu and I didn't think anything of it I though ahhh he will be alright just a flu, but a few days later during the labor day telethon my mom comes in all upset and she said your uncle just had a heart attack and is in the hospital I was shocked and hoping he would make it but within an hour he passed away, my aunt said to him right before he died are you afraid he said no I'm not afraid and that was it, that "flu" probably wasn't a flu at all it was his body telling him it's your time to go and he always told me when I do pass away don't get upset and cry celebrate my life remember me in a postive way and you know what he was right, when people you love pass away why not celebrate them instead of getting upset over it, but that is people's natural reaction to a loved one when they pass on.

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