Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Happened To My Angelic Friend

Hello everyone, it's thursday around 4am I like waking up early and blogging it's so quiet in the house and so damn stuffy in here I need to put the AC on lol, but yeah I'm sitting here wondering whatever happened to my little angelic friend that I seen two times, call it a ghost or spirit but it was something it's been a while and I wouldn't mind seeing it again, I know alot of people don't believe in ghost or spirits but I always have and I know I wasn't crazy when I seen it both times around the same time 12-1230 in the morning, there has to be a reason why I seen the ghosr those times, I have always been fascinated with ghosts I even love watching ghost hunters eventhough they never catch much of anything they get a voice and maybe a shadow here and there but it's still interesting to watch, I always thought if I would see something like that it would freak me out but it didn't I was suprisingly calm, I guess because it wasn't evil looking now if there was something evil in my house I probably would have screamed like a little school girl lol, but thankfully it was really beautiful and pleasant, well hopefully soon I will see it again and maybe it won't go away so quickly next time.

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